Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Debt in Ireland causes its government's collapse

The Irish government collapsed Monday, right after it signed for a $100 billion bailout. According to The New York Times, this has "injected the threat of political instability into a European financial crisis that already has markets on edge."


Radiation levels used by dentists sparks concern

In an investigation conduced by The New York Times, findings have shown that many dentists employ outmoded X-ray film that requires significantly high amount of radiation. Orthodontists are also starting to use a device that requires the same, if not more amount of radiation in order to be effective.


LimeWire is shut down, file sharing persists

LimeWire has been forced to stop squeezing revenues from the music business. The Web site was ordered to shut down on Oct. 26, after a New York federal court judge ordered a permanent injunction against the well-known file-sharing site.


Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Cuban exile sparks controversy

Controversy was sparked at the University of Miami among alumni and professors after Cuban exile Orlando Bosch, 84, was presented with an award Oct. 12.


Philosophy professor files lawsuit for discrimination

A Florida Atlantic University philosophy professor is suing the university. Carol S. Gould, the professor, claims that she faced discrimination while working at the school. The lawsuit states that Gould faced ageism and anti-Semitism, as well as a violation to her rights to equal pay, equal protection and freedom of speech.

Florida Senate-elect Marco Rubio surprises D.C. with low profile

Marco Rubio surprised D.C. Monday when he kept a low profile while visiting the U.S. Capitol during an orientation for new lawmakers. According to The Miami Herald, he has "ignored the hype, watching football all day Sunday."

F.D.A. is anticipated to opine on alcohol energy drink distribution

The Food and Drug Administration is anticipated to limit or approve alcohol energy drinks by Wednesday according to authorities from several states.